Here’s How Yuliia Faist is Impacting the Lives of Thousands Through Philanthropy and Society Involvement

Photographer: Kristina Akbulut @kristianakhomich

In an era where philanthropy and societal influence intertwine to forge substantial change, Yuliia Faist stands out as an example of impactful leadership. As the founder of the Power of Goodness Foundation and coordinator of the Miami Loves Ukraine program, her commitment profoundly alleviates the hardships faced by Ukrainian children and families amid ongoing crises.

Valerie Nykyforets, head of The Empowerment and Rehabilitation Institute Together.UA, speaks highly of Yuliia’s efforts: “Yuliia’s commitment to education and helping those in need is not just philanthropic; it’s transformational. The funds provided by the Miami Loves Ukraine program have not only changed individual lives but have also elevated the aspirations of entire communities. With these funds, our center has assisted over 1,000 individuals and established the ‘Right for Education’ project, aiming to provide quality education and access to modern programs for children affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We are proud to partner with such a dedicated visionary.”

Faist, who is also a member of the Girls on Rolls club, an assembly of women who share a love for philanthropy and Rolls-Royce, values the significant impact of women supporting each other. This belief has been a guiding principle in her orchestrating events such as the Festive Fashion Soirée, the Blue Blossom of Hope Gala, and many more. These particular events elegantly merged high fashion with charity, benefiting over 300 temporarily relocated Ukrainian children, utilizing the community’s resources to foster hope and joy amongst those in dire need.

Photographer: Manny Hernandez @mannyofmiami
Event:  First Fisher Island Hat Luncheon

Beyond her philanthropic work, Yuliia Faist uses her public persona as a TV host and former Mrs. Ukraine International to promote causes dear to her heart. Her commitment extends to serving as an Emcee at high-profile fundraising galas and various events, and volunteering in education initiatives for underprivileged women and children, where she applies her finance expertise to enhance the impact of these efforts.

Photography Credits: Charles Wills @cwills
Event : MAG Gala 10th Anniversary

Faist’s leadership has also been instrumental in chairing significant fundraising galas, including those for the Fisher Island Day School and the Fisher Island Hat Luncheons. These events highlight community spirit and mobilize critical support for educational initiatives, resonating with her commitment to enriching lives through learning.
Her ability to intertwine social engagement with charitable work is not just fulfilling but inspiring, fostering a community of generosity and support. Through collaborations with luxury brands and local businesses, Faist has transformed social gatherings into bastions of hope. Her work exemplifies how philanthropy, executed with passion and precision, can extend beyond mere aid—it can empower communities, enrich lives, and inspire a cycle of generosity that uplifts all involved.

Yuliia Faist’s story is a compelling reminder of the powerful role philanthropy can play when integrated with social influence and community involvement. Her unwavering dedication to empowering the underprivileged serves as an inspiring blueprint for those aspiring to make a difference. Through her efforts, she not only changes lives but also cements a legacy of compassion and resilience that will inspire generations to come.

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