Diverse Fashion to Television Victory: The Winning Tale of Nazranaa Couture


From Annabelle Azadé KAJBAF, Los Angeles – Nazranaa, the biggest Indian bridal line in the United States, has been one of the most inspiring success stories in the industry.

From bridal to fusion, the New Jersey brand has been setting the standard for inclusive and diverse Indian weddings. With a unique story and a power brother-sister duo at the top, Shivangi and Shashank Gupta are powerful storytellers. 

Their “Nazranaa Diaries” YouTube series is now coming to the small screen on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. With millions of views online, it has opened a new avenue for Indian bridal brands and shows that tradition can meet with innovation.

First Came the Bridal – then Couture

Nazranaa comes from a long line of traditional know-how and visual galore.

Shivangi and her brother Shashank Gupta moved from Mumbai to the US and expanded their family business. While traditional bridal clothes in India have a very strict code—from the bride’s to the groom’s and the guests’ outfits—the intricate materials and patterns offer infinite choices. 

It is in between these lines that the brother and sister decided to continue their parent’s legacy. While blending American modernism and Indian tradition, the new Gupta generation has successfully managed to be a one-stop shop for all bridal needs.

From mirror-embroidered Lachas to feathery crop tops, beaded pants, and floral saris, they have established their name as the highest-quality and most-delivered Indian bridal store in Northern America.

As a result, Nazranaa has opened a new location in Iselin, New Jersey, totaling more than 7,500 square feet of wedding dreaming. 

Diversity as an Artist’s Mission

Pushing the boundaries of fashion creativity, Nazranaa is making custom luxury pieces for all. “We have married couples from all over the world, and all horizons, from interfaith to same-gender couples. Our favorite thing is to adapt and customize the pieces”, says Shashank Gupta. 

One of his favorite duos? Salena and Kathryn, an Indian-American bride and a Caucasian-American bride, perfectly embodied the fusion between a soft-toned lavender crop top jacket set and an embroidered ombre green pantsuit inspired by the Sherwani cut, marrying the past and the modern for a beautiful ceremony. (see pictures attached)

Photo By: For Fearless Hearts

As clients give their blind trust to Shivangi and Shashank, their creativity is setting new records. Last season’s NYFW Runway was another example of their versatile imagination. (see pictures attached)

Photo By: John Martin Productions

“With the 2024 Kanika Collection, we wanted to show the world the magic that can be created by fusing American apparel aesthetics with the most detailed hand-embroidered craftsmanship of Indian artisans.

The Kanika Collection has since been worn and endorsed by Hollywood celebrities, such as Olivia Cheng, from Netflix’ Warrior, Miranda Derrick from So You Think You Can Dance, Essie Randles from “Apples Never Fall” on Peacock TV and more. (see pictures attached)

Nazranaa Diaries on the Small Screen 

With more than 140,000 subscribers, Nazranaa’s YouTube channel has reached a new level of awareness. “Nazranaa Diaries” is a TV show  Shivangi and Shashank created and launched eight years ago. 

The show has been an incredible success, receiving millions of views on some episodes. The episodes film couples going to their boutiques to have their Big Days’ outfits made, as well as sometimes seeing their loved ones’ reactions and comments. 

“There are so many outfits and options that sometimes people need true guidance. They crave personal styling, and we tried to show that there is not one solution, but many designs available. It has to suit the theme of the wedding, the body type, and the person’s skin tone. We are here to support and help, and the show is here to showcase our expertise,” explains Shivangi. 

Nazranaa Diaries now has five seasons, over 31 Million views, and has crafted memorable moments for more than a thousand couples. (see pictures attached)

The next chapter for Nazranaa? The show was recently picked up to be on Amazon Fire TV+ and Roku TV. As their distribution channel broadens, so does their audience, as RYM Productions focuses on the Latino community in the West Coast area. 

With so many successes, Nazranaa is preparing its new collection for NYFW, season six of Nazranaa Diaries, & is ready to reach new heights in the fashion industry.   

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