Milana Valmont: Pioneering Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Innovation


From Corporate Finance to Fintech Leadership: The Journey of a Visionary

Milana Valmont has been a key player in the cryptocurrency sector since 2017, contributing to the blockchain field across diverse locations, including the US, Israel, and the EU. As the founder and former CEO of Kira Network, a blockchain startup that raised $4M from venture capital funds globally, Milana’s unique blend of economics and psychology from Fordham University, combined with her successful early career in corporate finance, prepared her for groundbreaking work in decentralized finance (DeFi). Recognized as one of the Top 7 Women Disrupting the Financial Space in 2021, Milana’s profound knowledge and innovations in fintech have earned her a prestigious global talent visa to Australia, highlighting her status as an international key player in the industry.

Early Life and Education

Born in Moscow, Russia, Milana Valmont moved to the United States at the age of 14. She pursued a dual major in Economics and Psychology at Fordham University, equipping her with a deep understanding of market dynamics and human behavior. Her academic journey included active involvement in the Economics Society and the New York Junior League, a volunteer-powered organization for women. During her junior year, she interned at Roubini Global Economics, led by renowned economist Nouriel Roubini. After graduation, Milana began her career as a private equity analyst in corporate finance, but her fascination with cryptocurrency soon led her to explore blockchain technology.

Transition to Blockchain

In 2017, Milana transitioned from corporate finance to the blockchain sector, driven by her interest in cryptocurrency’s potential to redefine the financial landscape. She worked for various blockchain startups around the world, first as a project manager and then as a strategist. Before founding Kira Network, she served on the advisory board of Sentinel, a decentralized VPN solution based on the Cosmos ecosystem. Milana has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions, including pioneering liquidity for staked tokens and integrating real-world assets into the blockchain.

Leadership at Kira Network

At Kira Network, Milana played a crucial role in raising over $4 million from global venture capital funds, demonstrating strong investor confidence in her vision. Under her leadership, Kira introduced groundbreaking solutions that expanded the utility of blockchain technology. The platform facilitated the trading and liquidity of staked tokens, allowing users to participate in governance while their assets yielded returns. This dual functionality enhanced user engagement and solidified the network’s economic foundation.

Advocacy and Consultancy Work

Milana is also a passionate crypto educator and coach. She founded Hermetic Labs, a consultancy that fosters the growth of blockchain technology. At Hermetic Labs, Milana provides strategic guidance and technical expertise to blockchain projects, helping them refine their technology stacks, enhance market positioning, and align innovations with industry standards. Her hands-on approach ensures the viability and market penetration of the projects she supports, democratizing technology through practical, scalable solutions.

Promoting DeFi in the Middle East and Africa

Milana is a vocal advocate for DeFi’s ability to offer financial services to the unbanked, particularly in regions like Africa and the Middle East. She believes that DeFi can provide secure, quick, and equitable financial access through simple technologies such as mobile apps. Milana’s mission focuses on democratizing finance through decentralized technologies, enabling financial inclusion beyond traditional banking limits.

Inspiration from Major Tech Companies

Milana draws inspiration from blockchain adoption in major tech companies. For example, Telegram, under Pavel Durov’s guidance, integrated blockchain solutions to facilitate payments using stablecoins and introduced a new payment feature that allows channel owners to earn money from their content using Toncoin. Similarly, Twitter, now rebranded as X, is exploring blockchain to enhance its platform, marking a significant trend towards blockchain integration in tech companies.

Artistic Pursuits and Personal Life

In addition to her technical and entrepreneurial endeavors, Milana co-founded a pop techno band named Germetika with her partner. This artistic pursuit highlights her multifaceted personality and belief in creativity as a medium of expression and engagement. Germetika combines modern electronic music with thematic elements inspired by digital culture and technological evolution.

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