Autumn Adele: Redefining Mental Health Through Holistic Luxury Retreats


Author and Celebrity Coach Autumn Adele Introduces Dream Retreats, a Journey to Intentional Living and Ultimate Fulfillment

In an exclusive interview, Autumn Adele, renowned author and celebrity coach, unveils her groundbreaking approach to mental health, shifting perceptions from mere psychological well-being to a holistic lifestyle philosophy. Through her prestigious international retreats, known as Dream Retreats, she empowers clients to envision and actualize their dream lives, transcending conventional notions of success. Embracing the ethos of the European dream over its American counterpart, Autumn champions intentional living as the ultimate pathway to fulfillment, regardless of one’s aspirations for luxury or simplicity.

A Vision for Holistic Wellness

“I’m passionate about offering my clients the chance to tangibly experience their dreams, accelerating their ability to shape an ideal reality, a life filled with meaning and satisfaction,” says Autumn. Her Dream Retreats are designed to provide more than just a getaway; they are immersive experiences that blend luxury with profound personal growth.

Luxury and Uncharted Experiences

When asked how her retreats differentiate themselves in the realm of mental wellness experiences, Autumn explains, “In my luxury retreats, guests indulge in wellness activities like sound baths and yoga, complemented by personalized one-on-one coaching. But beyond the standard retreat offerings, my clients embark on a journey into uncharted territory, exploring a world they never imagined possible. I meticulously curate the most captivating experiences for them to savor.”

France: The First Dream Destination

France holds a special place in Autumn’s heart, making it the natural choice for her first Dream Retreat. “Ever since I was a young girl, France has been a dream destination for me. I have vivid memories of my mom learning French; she would place stickers with French pronunciations on items all around our house. As I grew older, Paris became my sanctuary, a place I would escape to whenever my heart was broken. It felt like Paris was my lifeline. Naturally, it felt right to share my love for the country with my clients,” she reminisces.

From Traditional Practices to Lifestyle Transformation

Autumn’s journey of healing led her to shift the focus from traditional mental health practices to a more lifestyle-oriented approach. “During my journey of healing, I crafted a mental health roadmap detailed in my book, ‘Pretty Depressed.’ While I value traditional medicine and practices, I recognize the significance of applying them to one’s everyday life. Upon achieving wellness, I discovered that beyond mere existence, I could aspire to live a life filled with dreams,” she shares.

Empowering All Backgrounds

Autumn’s advice to individuals seeking to prioritize their mental health and embark on a wellness journey is rooted in her diverse coaching experiences. “As a celebrity coach, it’s important for me to emphasize that I work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. I often say, ‘No matter how low you may feel—spiritually, financially, or mentally—I can reach you.’ My own life journey has been marked by numerous highs and lows, granting me the ability to empathize with a wide range of situations. Despite facing adversity, including growing up in what some would classify as poverty, and confronting academic challenges, and even wrestled with losing the will to live, I’ve emerged victorious. My advice is simple: It’s never too late, and you’re never too old, to begin living your dream life.”

Exciting New Destinations

Looking ahead, Autumn is excited to introduce new destinations for her retreats. “I’m so glad you asked, France will always be included in the itinerary, but I’ve recently introduced Venice and Marrakesh. I will be adding new destinations as I continue my travels. Offering retreats in locations with which I have a deep connection and a story to share is a top priority for me.”

Autumn Adele’s Dream Retreats stand as a testament to her commitment to transforming mental health from a state of well-being to a celebration of life itself. Through her unique blend of luxury, personal growth, and intentional living, she offers a pathway to a truly fulfilling and dream-filled life.

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