Angela Webb: A Visionary CEO Championing Youth Empowerment and Prevention Education


Making Waves on Social Media and Beyond

Angela Webb, the visionary CEO of Arrive Alive California (AAC), is rapidly emerging as a formidable presence on social media while making an indelible mark on TV stations worldwide. Despite her recent foray into digital platforms, Angela’s impactful influence extends far beyond the confines of social media.

Top Influencer of 2024

Named as one of the TOP influencers of 2024, Angela Webb is recognized for her crucial role in addressing pressing issues affecting the youth, including the alarming rise in fentanyl overdoses. Regularly called upon by major news stations like ABC, CBS, KCRA, and Fox40, Angela provides insightful input on situations impacting our younger generation, showcasing her commitment to raising awareness and fostering positive change.

Prevention, Education, and Advocacy

At the core of Angela’s mission is Arrive Alive California, a movement that embodies Prevention, Education, and Advocacy. Through dynamic prevention education, Angela strategically intercepts critical junctures in the lives of young individuals, equipping them with timely information and empowering them to make informed decisions.

A Voice for the Community

Last year, Angela spoke in front of 108,000 people on prevention and empowerment. Before founding AAC, she was the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service award, recognizing her commitment to serving the community. Her overarching objective is to empower the next generation not only with information but with a profound understanding of truth and wisdom. Angela fosters a sense of responsibility, urging young individuals to use their acquired knowledge to contribute positively to their communities.

Amplifying Her Message

In addition to her media presence, Angela Webb has shared her insights on the renowned Dr. Phil show, further amplifying her voice and the critical messages she advocates. Angela’s vision and commitment to change make her a beacon of influence in 2024, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will continue to make throughout the year. As a true influencer, Angela Webb goes beyond inspiring youth; she challenges them to be agents of global transformation. Her educational initiatives aim to instill a mindset that can lead to a broader positive impact on a global scale.

Journey to Success

Angela’s journey has been one of transformation. Starting as a mortgage broker, her life took a significant turn when she began volunteering as an on-scene crisis responder. This experience ignited a passion for prevention education, leading her to reinvent herself as an expert in grief and prevention education. Key milestones included founding her nonprofit, developing youth-focused programs, and expanding AAC’s reach through parent meetings and community town halls.

Inspiration and Brand

The inspiration behind Angela’s nonprofit stemmed from witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of crises on individuals and communities. Her brand reflects a commitment to proactive education and empowerment.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges and setbacks were abundant, but Angela approached them with resilience and determination. Surrounding herself with a supportive team, continuously learning, and staying adaptable were crucial in overcoming obstacles.

Innovative Strategies

AAC’s success was fueled by innovative strategies such as leveraging technology for outreach, partnering with schools and local organizations, and creating interactive educational materials tailored to diverse audiences.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

Angela’s advice to aspiring professionals is to stay passionate about their mission, remain open to learning and adapting, and build a strong support network. She emphasizes that every setback is an opportunity for growth.

Work-Life Balance and Productivity

Balancing work and personal life requires setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and delegating when necessary. Angela finds that regular self-care and time management techniques have been instrumental in maintaining productivity.


Some of Angela’s significant achievements include reaching hundreds of thousands of youth with prevention education, facilitating community dialogues on critical issues, and receiving recognition for AAC’s impactful initiatives.

Industry Trends

Angela sees a growing emphasis on mental health education, the integration of technology in prevention efforts, and the importance of community collaboration in addressing social challenges.


For Angela, networking is about building genuine relationships based on shared values and goals. She prioritizes active listening, offering support, and seeking opportunities for collaboration.

Memorable Experience

One particularly impactful experience for Angela was witnessing the positive transformation of a young person who, after participating in AAC’s program, became an advocate for mental health awareness in their school and community. It reaffirmed the power of prevention education to spark meaningful change.

Angela Webb’s dedication and innovative approach continue to make a profound impact, inspiring youth and shaping the future of prevention education.

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