Unveiling the Secrets of Success: A Journey with Julia, Founder of a Psychology School and Philanthropist


From Aspiring Psychologist to Philanthropic Force: A Blueprint for Achieving Your Dreams

In the world of psychology and philanthropy, few names resonate as powerfully as Julia Nikas. As the founder of a thriving psychology school generating over $1 million annually, a charismatic TV presenter, a prolific author gracing both glossy magazines and academic journals, and the president of a charitable foundation, Nikas epitomizes success. But what is the secret behind her meteoric rise and profound impact?

The Heart of Passion

Julia Nikas’s journey is a testament to the power of following one’s heart. Despite her father’s assurance of a secure future in the chemical industry through a position at Gazprom, Nikas chose to pursue her passion for psychology. This decision, fueled by her desire to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, set her on the path to success. It is a vivid reminder that the cornerstone of fulfillment and achievement lies in doing what we love and believe in, even when it defies conventional wisdom.

The Transformation Through Action

Nikas emphasizes the significance of actions, both external and internal, in achieving success. Echoing Einstein’s wisdom, she underlines the necessity of embarking on new endeavors to obtain different results. This involves not only changing our actions but also our thought patterns and psychological programs. Nikas sheds light on the concept of psychological programs as the foundation of our perceptions, reactions, and habits, advocating for the rewriting of limiting beliefs to unlock our true potential.

The Guiding Light of Dreams

The third element of success, according to Nikas, is the power of dreams. She illustrates how setting goals and maintaining focus on them can unconsciously guide our decisions towards achieving them. Her own story of investing in her education, against all odds, underlines the importance of dreaming big and making decisions that align with our aspirations, regardless of external pressures or immediate logical reasoning.

Beyond Success: The Spirit of Giving

Julia Nikas’s philanthropic endeavors reveal a profound understanding of success that transcends personal achievement. Her commitment to charitable work began early and has grown into a significant aspect of her life, focusing on providing both financial and psychological support to large families and children. By addressing the emotional well-being of mothers, Nikas’s initiatives are not just about temporary relief but are aimed at fostering a healthy and supportive environment for future generations.

The Essence of Julia Nikas’s Method

Central to Nikas’s success is her innovative approach to psychology, which promises rapid and comprehensive results by addressing the mind, body, and energy simultaneously. Her method, designed to quickly rewrite blocking scripts on all levels, empowers individuals to overcome fears and limitations independently, paving the way for transformative personal development.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Julia Nikas’s story is more than just a narrative of personal success; it is a blueprint for living a fulfilled life. Her journey highlights the importance of passion, action, and dreaming in achieving holistic happiness and success. Through her example, Nikas invites us to embark on our own journey of self-discovery, encouraging us to choose the path of faith over fear, and to realize our potential in creating the life we dream of.

Julia Nikas’s remarkable journey from an aspiring psychologist to a leading figure in psychology and philanthropy is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their professional and personal lives. Her holistic approach to success—rooted in passion, transformative action, and the power of dreams—offers valuable lessons on achieving fulfillment and making a difference in the world.


Julia, you are the founder of a large school of psychology with an annual turnover of more than

$1 million, TV presenter, author of articles in many glossy and scientific magazines. President of the charitable foundation. What is the secret of your success?

I was often asked this question, and in the end, I realized that three essential elements helped me achieve holistic happiness.

I think these are essential steps for any woman who wants to achieve financial success in a feminine way.

Sounds almost like something out of a movie. What are these three elements?

The first, influential, and simultaneously bland, simple, and most difficult – do exactly what you love and believe in.

When I finished school, my dad was sure I should study at the Faculty of Chemistry because he saw excellent prospects in this industry. He could get me into a large Russian corporation, Gazprom, which many people dream of getting into. But I didn’t feel my heart’s response to this profession; I wanted what I did to benefit people.

I believed in psychology, although at that time, this profession was not popular; people in Russia did not even fully understand why a psychologist was needed if there was a girlfriend or a bottle of wine.

But then, I had no idea that it was possible to rewrite any negative life scenarios or habits and even heal chronic diseases using psychological methods. Then, I didn’t know that our life is an exact reflection of our internal programs and maps of world perception.

And you went to study at the university to become a psychologist, despite your father’s opinion and his opportunity to arrange your career in a large corporation?

Yes, I decided to choose what I love. Dad waved his hand and said: “It’s your choice. You live.” Of course, he did not believe this profession was promising, but he did not go against my wishes. Later, seeing my results, he told me: “I don’t know how you did it, but I’m proud of you.”

Not many people decide to take such a step; it is difficult to follow the heart when logical arguments say otherwise

I see that that choice turned out to be one of the most important in life. A couple of women make a deal with themselves, choosing not what they want, and this is not only in their careers but also in their personal lives because some fear guides their choice. And then after a while, there is a feeling that they are not living their own lives, not with their people, spending 8 hours a day at a job they do not like. When we do what we love when we feel good, it gives us a resource, and we can quickly go to even more excellent results. And this gives us life itself.

What is the second element?

Actions, not only external but also internal.

Remember what Einstein said: to get a different result, we must do something we haven’t done before. But to take new actions, we need to change how we think, and for this, we need to change our psychological programs.

What are psychological programs?

When a child is born, he knows absolutely nothing about this world. But then he picks up “maps” of this world: he begins to understand what a table, chair, and other objects are, who he is and what he is capable of, how people treat him, and what can be expected from them.

It turns out that psychological programs shape our entire lives. Is this our perception of ourselves and the world around us?

Yes, this is our perception, reactions, behavior patterns, and habits.

For example, one woman constantly compares herself and feels that others are better than her. And the other, being far from beautiful, is self-confident. Most likely, the first one was criticized in childhood, and this inner voice of the critic is the voice of one of the parents, and the neural network repeats this “map.” Will her actions and manner of communication differ from that of a confident girl? Will it be noticeable to others?


Therefore, I believe that rewriting blocking programs is one of the most essential elements of success; it is an internal action that is the basis for external actions.

What is the third element of success?

Our brain is designed so that when we set a goal and constantly return our attention to it, it begins to build a path. At an unconscious level, we make decisions that lead us to this goal. It’s like a lighthouse for a ship. This is the kind of beacon your dream should become.

So, you have to allow yourself to dream?

 Don’t just dream – but when making important decisions, ask yourself: is this leading me to my goal or vice versa? The dream should not be far away and unrealistic, but it is your constant guideline.

We may be led astray by some fears, other people’s opinions, and blocking programs, but it is crucial to maintain this internal focus.

When I just started my journey, I earned a minor and essentially counted every ruble, but I wanted to go to study at the Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

A month of training there cost 30,000 rubles, which was a lot for me. I could live on this money for a whole month. But before the New Year, I held an event and earned this money in 1 day.

And you decided to spend it studying at this university?

Yes, it was vital for me; it was a step towards my dream! Many advised spending money on themselves – on entertainment, clothes, etc. My choice seemed illogical to them.

But it was only enough for one month…

I thought that even if I only studied for a month, this would be what I wanted. But, after a week of training, one of the teachers came to me for an individual consultation and got a rapid and excellent result. And then, she began to recommend me to everyone, free of charge, simply “from the heart.” She said: “Yulia is a neurosorceress; go to her.” Within a month, students from different streams, the vice-rector of the university, and even her family, son, and husband came to my classes.

Do you have new clients and money for further training?

My income increased significantly, and I could already quickly pay for training. That’s the point.

Initially, studying at this university was not enough to earn more. This was the path to realizing a dream. But interestingly, this step led me to increase my income.

And that it was at that university that I met my first business partner.

I know that you are also involved in charity work. Many people, having achieved financial wealth, begin to help others. Is this such a trend?

I was only 18 and making almost no money when my first charity happened. My friends were renovating an orphanage. And I also wanted to help. I called a friend; he is a very wealthy man. We met, and I told him about the project.

He donated more than a million rubles. And then, for the first time, I realized that We can help not only with money but also with words, deeds, and connecting people. And this is available to everyone.

What charitable projects are you involved in now?

More recently, I began to develop a new direction – helping large families, children, and their mothers. And this is not only a solution to financial issues; it is also psychological help.

Which problem areas do you work with most often?

Mothers get tired, although they love their children very much. As a couple, it can be difficult to maintain emotional balance, and there may be breakdowns. Also, they often feel that they do not have their own life and no time for themselves.

What format do support meetings take?

The format can be different; for example, before March 8th, we will do a beauty day for mothers; they will have their hair and make-up done in the morning, there will be an entertainment program for them and their children, and the opportunity to leave the child for the whole day and go beautiful into the world and dedicate this day for yourself) In my opinion, this is just a wonderful gift for a mother with many children)

We also conduct various psychological programs. Every mother of many children has the opportunity to undergo free individual consultations and solve some pressing problem.

In a couple, this kind of help is more than financial.

Yes, this is true; it saves children’s lives. The emotional state the mother is in determines not only their present moment but also their future because in childhood, the primary psychological programs are laid down, which then affect their entire life. Will the child be confident in himself? Will he believe he will realize his goal, or will he give up halfway? Will he be depressed or internally free?

But if mothers with many children do not have enough time, how can they find time for this psychological work?

This is the essence of my method; it gives speedy results. What is especially important for everyone in modern realities? Any program or condition that blocks us manifests on three levels: body, mind, and energy. However, most psychological methods only work on 1 or 2 levels out of three, and the process is slow and ineffective. A person needs dozens of consultations to remove fear or a blocking program. I have been studying psychology for more than 17 years, and I understand how to rewrite the blocking script at all three levels and quickly reprogram the neural network.

In one of my courses, “New Me,” my students learn the necessary practices and can independently remove any fear or blockage. They do not need to resort to the help of a psychologist constantly; after training, they can do this easily at the moment. And see during the day how events begin to change.

Do practice and become better. Is it that simple?

It’s not always easy – but it works. Any process of self-improvement is an effort. Our brain can turn on sabotage because it must go into the unknown, new. But this path is worth taking.

We live our lives, and we can choose how we live it. If we learn to work with our consciousness and subconscious, new opportunities open up before us, and our dreams become reality. I am not the daughter of wealthy parents, and I walked my path myself. I created myself and my life. I hope our interview inspires people to discover their inner strength and realize their potential.

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