Reaching New Highs, Entrepreneur Mogul Abigail Spencer Hu Unveils Lume France, Her New Beauty Venture


By Annabelle Azadé KAJBAF, from Los Angeles –Abigail Spencer Hu, a landmark in the entertainment industry in the United States who has been standing out with her music achievements and her impressive fashion work strikes again. 

Cover girl for Vogue, Elle named her the 2023 “It Girl”. Also featured in Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and more A-list publications, her 2023 year has been graced by 3 millions plays on Spotify and placed her on the leading streaming service’s curated playlists. 

In 2024, she has just launched her first beauty skincare line. Lume France is a result of her creative journey, always inspired by her numerous travels, her high-end lifestyle and her upscale taste for luxury.

AAK: How would you describe your career?

I am first and foremost an entrepreneur. Any discipline requires a solid business plan and I believe that whether you are an artist or a finance wizard, you must first and foremost draft a solid roadmap.

That said, I have decided to prioritize everything creative in my career. I am a musician, I am a model, I love anything that is beautiful and I do have a very special taste which I like to translate in different mediums. 

Since I know we are always stronger together, I have always surrounded myself with incredible talents which has helped me reach a broader audience, as well as creating projects that feel out of the box. Audacity is key for a successful career, in my opinion. 

AAK: Lume France is your new project and first skin care line ever. How did you come up with the idea?

Since I am a public person, I have to take the utmost care of my skin. With many photoshoots, red carpets and public appearances, I am expected to be flawless at any hour of the day. This truly takes some dedication and requires knowledge!

Over the years, I have gathered expertise in the chemical and biological spheres to understand better what is best for a good cellular longevity. 

Lume France is a testament of my dedication to and entrepreneurial spirit to cater the best of what I know in the beauty industry to my audience, while providing an unique product. 

AAK: You have always been passionate about skincare, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

My love of skincare started at the age of 16, where I discovered fascination for the transformative power of skincare routines. This early interest was not merely a passing fancy. Instead, it ignited a lifelong passion that would become the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial pursuits.

Two years later, I was inspired to become an ambitious entrepreneur and had keen interest in entrepreneurship which I started to develop. Needless to say this experience fueled my passion to launch Lume France! 

AAK: What do you think is the magic recipe for a successful venture ?

First and foremost, I believe that the most important thing is to make the best strategic decisions and always be avant-garde. Having a visionary line is crucial to me. If you create something innovative and offer a futuristic view of the industry, whether it is through a project or a product, then you will stand out. This is how I define my career: always be ahead! 

With my academic background, I have now been able to use these educational tools to train young entrepreneurs and share my knowledge to new generations. My business degree really helped me create sustainable streams of business.

Additionally, I think anticipation and budgeting are the most important elements to prepare well for a venture. It makes it even more exciting for me, because I can mentor young individuals in their framework. 

AAK: Can you tell us more about Lume France? How did you come with the idea? 

Lume France is going to be a game change in the skincare industry in 2024! It will be available starting January 2024. It represents the culmination of my journey, blending my passion for beauty with my entrepreneurial drive. 

I am fond of art, from having a creative spirit to my love of painting, singing, and my love of futuristic fashion. These creative outlets serve as wellsprings of inspiration, influencing the aesthetic appeal of Lume France. The artistic finesse I bring to my skincare line not only sets it apart but also establishes a unique synergy between art and beauty.

The skincare line reflects my commitment to quality, innovation, and a holistic approach to beauty. From meticulously crafted formulations to sustainable packaging, every aspect of Lume France mirrors my dedication to creating a brand that transcends traditional beauty standards.

AAK: Which distribution channels will be available? 

Lume France will be widely available, since my goal is to own the most representative and inclusive brand. My ability to navigate the intricacies of product distribution has played a pivotal role in the brand’s.

I am planning to organize a big launch in Los Angeles and the products will be available online worldwide, including Monaco. I am currently planning to bring on the legacy of my savvy business skills to the modern business audience, independent and also focused on their self care and their wellbeing. I hope to aspire entrepreneurs, proving that success is not just about business—it’s about infusing every venture with the essence of one’s true passions. 

James Thompson

James Thompson is a highly respected writer and author who contributes to Forbes Morocco, a leading business and finance publication based in Morocco. With over a decade of experience in the industry, James is known for his exceptional writing skills and his ability to deliver compelling stories that captivate readers.

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