MeShawn Churko: Crystal Healing in Music’s Spotlight


MeShawn Churko, the luminary force behind Sage & Magic and Firestart Creative Design Group, isn’t just a success story; she’s a catalyst for prosperity in both the crystal healing and design realms. With over 6 years of expertise as a certified Crystal Practitioner, this powerhouse has woven her magic not only with everyday seekers but also with a notable clientele, including influential figures in the music industry. She has become one of the top figures in the Crystal business.

As the owner of Sage & Magic, MeShawn has carved a niche for herself, attracting a clientele that extends to the echelons of the music world. Her keen eye for authentic crystals and her ability to tailor offerings to individual needs have garnered her a reputation as the go-to Crystal Practitioner for numerous celebrities.

MeShawn’s connections in the music industry, facilitated by her husband Kane Churko, a multi-platinum Juno award-winning Canadian producer and songwriter, have elevated Sage & Magic to unparalleled heights. Kane, known for his work with iconic artists such as Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, and more, brings a wealth of industry expertise and influence to MeShawn’s endeavors.

Their power couple synergy extends beyond the realms of crystal healing to the graphic and web design domain at Firestart Creative. MeShawn’s ability to translate complex ideas into visually stunning designs has not only shaped the online presence of her husband, as evidenced by the success of his literary debut ‘Spirit Unknown,’ but has also resonated with a diverse range of clients.

MeShawn’s personal journey into crystal healing adds a profound layer to her success story. The loss of her mother to cancer left MeShawn at a critical junction. On her search for comfort and guidance, she delved into crystal healing and meditation. 

“Losing my mother hit me hard, it was like walking through fire. However, it was in that tough time that I tapped into the healing capabilities of crystals along with meditation and journaling. It felt like I was wandering through some really dark places, but then I found this path of healing and acceptance that really helped me understand and navigate through my grief.”

This path of self-healing not only brought her inner strength and clarity but also ignited a passion to support others in similar situations. Transformed by her own grief, she set up a shop dedicated to aiding those embarking on their healing journeys, offering a ray of hope and assistance amidst their struggles.

MeShawn reflected on her personal and professional ethos, saying, “In every crystal, I see a reflection of my journey – a path of resilience, healing, and the courage to embrace my true self.” She continued, “My mission is to illuminate paths, not just through the brilliance of crystals, but through the art of design and the power of intention. It’s about creating a beacon for those wandering in the darkness, guiding them towards a place where their true selves can shine brightly.”

At Sage & Magic, MeShawn provides various metaphysical offerings, including personalized crystal consultations, online resources and support, as well as customized healing kits. With a focus on the sense of self and introspection, individuals can forge a deeper connection within themselves while allowing the shedding of insecurities, grief and sadness by unlocking the transformative power of crystals.

MeShawn Churko stands as a testament to the profound impact of passion, skill, and connection. Her journey, intricately woven with success and personal resilience, illuminates the path for those who dare to dream and manifest their own brand of magic.

Makeup: MAC Studio
Hair: Harroin Studio Las Vegas 
Photography: Kane Churko
Location: The Hideout Recording Studio

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