Emad Zand: Renowned Designer with Royal Roots in the Zand Dynasty


A distinguished designer from the Zand royal family, continues to make waves with his latest venture into luxury watch design. His brand, synonymous with opulence and sophistication, unveils a new masterpiece that seamlessly blends heritage with modern elegance.

This exclusive timepiece, crafted under Emad Zand’s meticulous eye, reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the Zand dynasty while embracing contemporary design elements. The watch stands as a testament to Emad Zand’s commitment to creating not just timepieces but timeless works of art.

Beyond his royal heritage, Emad Zand stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of art and design. Renowned for his creative prowess, he has earned acclaim and numerous awards for his exceptional contributions to the world of design. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to excellence, 

Residing in the opulent enclave of Beverly Hills, California, Emad Zand has established his design studio in this prestigious locale. His creative endeavors in the heart of luxury reflect both his royal lineage and his commitment to shaping exquisite designs in one of the world’s foremost design hubs.

began his journey as an architect, channeling his creative vision into grand structures. Over time, his artistic prowess expanded beyond architecture, encompassing a diverse range of designs, from monumental buildings to intricate furniture and luxurious watches. Emad’s innovative approach and commitment to luxury have garnered widespread acclaim, with numerous magazines and websites featuring his extraordinary designs and capturing the essence of his creative brilliance.

Emad Zand, a distinguished member of the historical Zand royal family, brings forth not only his princely heritage but also an illustrious career as a well-known designer. Having collaborated with renowned luxury brands, Emad Zand has left an indelible mark in the design world, earning accolades and recognition for his creative contributions and commitment to excellence

Stay tuned as Emad Zand’s luxury watch captivates enthusiasts, embodying the essence of royal heritage in every tick and tock.

James Thompson

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