Matthew Riddick: A Symphony of Success and Service

Turning Personal Triumphs into Catalysts for Community Empowerment


In the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, a young boy named Matthew Riddick was introduced to a scripture that would become his life’s mantra. Philippians 4:13, which reads, “I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength”, was more than just a verse for him. It embodied a belief system that would propel him to become a remarkable business and community leader.

From his early years, Matthew’s mother recognized the importance of instilling strong values, faith, and determination in her son. By having him memorize Philippians 4:13, she set the foundation for his journey – a journey filled with accomplishments, service, and a relentless drive to leave a mark on the world.

Educationally, Matthew has always been a front-runner. Holding an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Studies, he went on to acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and, further, a Juris Doctor in Law. This academic grounding would serve him well in the corporate arena.

With an impressive career spanning over twelve years in the healthcare industry, Matthew’s expertise ranges from commercial health to pharmaceuticals. Today, he’s at the helm of the U.S. Commercial Solutions business for IQVIA, a global firm, serving as its Chief of Staff. A reflection of his business acumen, he’s a three-time honoree of the coveted “Forty Under 40” by various business publications. Matthew’s influence in the business world doesn’t stop there. He has been spotlighted on PBS’s show, ‘Courageous Conversations’, marking his dedication to both business and philanthropy.

While his business accolades are impressive, what stands out even more is his commitment to community service. As an alumnus, Matthew serves on the Board of Directors for institutions like Montgomery County Community College, where he holds the position of Vice-Chairman, and Delaware Valley University. His leadership is not just about his alma maters; it’s about giving back to the community that shaped him.

However, in 2020, life presented Matthew with a challenge that would become a transformative chapter in his story. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel ailment, he could have taken a backseat and focused on personal healing. But true to his nature, Matthew, alongside Angela, chose to pivot this personal trial into an opportunity to serve.

The birth of The Riddick Foundation stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to uplift Black & Brown communities. The foundation emphasizes scholarship, healthcare education, and mentorship. By partnering with educational establishments, they’ve initiated scholarships specifically for Black business students. Recognizing the importance of holistic health and well-being, the foundation has also extended support to organizations like the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America and the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable feats of The Riddick Foundation is its focus on mentorship. Understanding the challenges that Black & Brown communities face, the foundation works tirelessly to provide mentorship that hones both social and business skills. By doing so, they’re ensuring that individuals are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

Beyond this, Matthew has always been a staunch advocate for healthcare, education, and financial literacy. He believes that these are pillars that can uplift and empower communities. Leveraging his influence, he has spoken to thousands across the country, emphasizing the importance of these cornerstones.

But the vision doesn’t stop here. Matthew and Angela are gearing up to introduce an arts mentorship program under the foundation. Recognizing the therapeutic power of arts, this program aims to teach communities how various art forms can be channeled for mental well-being and self-expression.

In a world where individual success is often celebrated, stories like Matthew’s serve as a reminder of the power of community upliftment. It’s not just about climbing the ladder of success alone; it’s about ensuring that you lift others as you rise.

The legacy that Matthew Riddick is crafting is multifaceted. On one side, there’s the astute business leader with a wealth of knowledge, and on the other, there’s the community leader committed to creating a lasting impact. His life is a testament to the fact that with faith, resilience, and a community-first approach, it’s possible to turn personal trials into triumphs that benefit the larger community.

In Matthew Riddick, we see more than just a successful individual. We see a beacon of hope, a pillar of strength, and most importantly, a relentless advocate for community empowerment. As he continues his journey, one thing remains certain: Matthew’s impact will be felt for generations to come.

James Thompson

James Thompson is a highly respected writer and author who contributes to Forbes Morocco, a leading business and finance publication based in Morocco. With over a decade of experience in the industry, James is known for his exceptional writing skills and his ability to deliver compelling stories that captivate readers.

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