Tommie Mopia: An Odyssey from Aklan, Philippines Vale’s to Global Vistas

Crafting Legacies: Where Filipino Heritage Meets Global Entrepreneurship


In the diverse tapestry of the Philippines, where every thread tells a tale of determination and dreams, Tommie Mopia’s story is a luminous strand that stands out, traversing from the tranquil terrains of Makato, Aklan to the bustling global stage.

Foundational Years: Nurtured by Culture, Shaped by Ambition

Guimbal, Iloilo might have been his birthplace, but it was the embrace of Makato, Aklan that moulded Tommie’s character and world view. This journey began at the Makato Integrated School and found its rhythm at Numancia Integrated School. His thirst for knowledge culminated in the halls of Adventist University of the Philippines in Silang, Cavite, a place that sowed in him the seeds of greatness.

Strides in the Land of Dreams

Upon crossing the Pacific, Tommie’s entrepreneurial fervor found its pulse. His academic prowess beautifully dovetailed with his business acumen, giving birth to the TGM Group of Companies Inc. This venture, however, transcended profit margins; it was Tommie’s canvas, painting vividly the dreams and aspirations of Filipino talents.

BULIG 2023: Service as a Symphony

His passion took a philanthropic turn with “BULIG 2023.” Echoing the ethos of “Healing Bodies, Reaching Souls,” this initiative, in collaboration with prestigious entities, touched almost 4,000 lives, offering an array of medical services. The spirit guiding this magnanimous mission was none other than his late father, Nemuel Tabares Mopia. Tommie’s endeavour was more than a mission; it was a poignant tribute to a father’s unrealized dream.

Accolades: The World Takes Note

Tommie’s strides didn’t just reshape his destiny; they echoed in the corridors of global recognition. With titles such as “Emerging Young Entrepreneur of 2022” by CNN Philippines and being listed as one of the “75th Most Influential Filipino-Americans of 2022,” Tommie’s story transitioned from being personal to emblematic of Filipino brilliance on a global pedestal.

An Ongoing Saga of Legacy

Beyond the glitz of accolades and the sheen of entrepreneurship lies Tommie’s true essence, deeply rooted in his family’s values. His journey is a homage to his father, Nemuel, and a testament to the unwavering support of his mother, Rosenie Gelonga-Mopia. His chronicle is not just about meteoric rises and monumental successes, but about a soul deeply connected to its heritage, values, and purpose.

In Tommie Mopia’s tale, we find the confluence of ambition and authenticity. As chapters of his life unfold, one can only anticipate more masterstrokes from this epitome of Filipino excellence.

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