Behind the Glamour of Natalia Me-gan Beauty: Schenika Quattlebaum’s Triumph Over Trials

From Bruises to Beauty Mogul: A Story of Resilience, Renewed Love, and Redemption


In the beauty industry, it’s easy to get lost amidst the glitz and glam, with brands emerging every day. Yet, occasionally, there arises a tale so powerful that it demands attention. Such is the story of Schenika Quattlebaum, the fierce mind behind the global independent beauty brand, Natalia Me-gan Beauty.

The Reluctant Introduction to Makeup:

For most, makeup is a choice, an artistic expression, or a boost of confidence. For Schenika, it began as a dire necessity. Surviving a violent relationship, cosmetics became her shield, concealing the black eyes and scars that bore testimony to her traumatic experiences. But as time passed, this shield transformed into a sword, arming her with confidence, power, and a renewed sense of self.

Rediscovering Love Amidst Ruins:

Life’s trials didn’t end with her escape from an abusive past. The journey to healing and self-rediscovery was fraught with skepticism about love and trust. But fate had other plans. Kevin Quattlebaum entered her life, not just as a partner but as proof that love could be kind, nurturing, and empowering. Their love story serves as a beacon for countless others, a testament that even after enduring the harshest storms, one can find a rainbow.

The Genesis of Natalia Me-gan Beauty:

Drawing from her experiences, Schenika didn’t just want to create another beauty brand. She envisioned a movement — a brand that spoke to survivors, empowered the broken, and celebrated resilience. Natalia Me-gan Beauty was birthed from this vision. Today, it’s not just another name in the beauty industry. With its products featured on the mega-retailer Walmart’s online store and mentions in esteemed publications, it’s a global phenomenon.

Advocacy and More:

But Schenika’s journey didn’t stop with the creation of a successful brand. She became a vocal advocate for domestic violence survivors, channeling her pain, experiences, and platform into raising awareness and supporting those in similar situations. She transformed from a victim to a beacon of hope, ensuring that her story could guide others towards healing and empowerment.

Recognition Beyond Beauty:

While the success of Natalia Me-gan Beauty is undeniable, Schenika’s personal achievements are equally commendable. Her story and impact have been recognized by various platforms, with honors like the “She Is Monumental” award and features in revered magazines such as the Entrepreneurs Herald.

Strength in Numbers: The Dream Team

Behind every successful brand is a team that ensures its smooth functioning. For Natalia Me-gan Beauty, Sophia Waymer stands tall as the Operations Manager, meticulously ensuring that daily operations are on point. But the magic doesn’t stop there. The brand boasts a top-tier team of makeup artists and hairstylists who bring their unique touch to the table, making it the beauty powerhouse it is today.


The story of Schenika Quattlebaum and Natalia Me-gan Beauty is not just about the rise of a brand. It’s a tale of resilience, of turning pain into power, of finding love in the most unexpected places, and of creating beauty both inside and out. It’s a testament that even from the deepest darkness, with determination and passion, one can emerge into the spotlight.

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