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We feature some of the most incredible individuals in their respective expert niches. All with a burning desire to be a positive impact in the world – and they are!

Elaine Powell

Napoleon Hill shared that those who are successful follow the ‘Decide Commit Resolve Methodology.’  They Decide to do something, then commit, and ultimately Resolve to work it out.  Most people don’t live life that way.  They try to Resolve how they are going to do it in advance and many times give up or become disempowered.  If they push through the Resolve, then they Decide to Commit.  But by that time, opportunities, momentum, and empowerment can be lost.  

Elaine Powell is known as The Thought Disruptor™️ Keynote Speaker who supports organizations to develop the human potential with thinking disciples that elevates their workforce’s performance and results.  She is the very example of living by the Decide, Commit Resolve Methodology.

In 2022, Elaine Decided to trust her intuition to deliver keynotes in the USA.  She Committed and implemented the Resolve by applying for an O-1B visa.  Seven months later Elaine received her three-year work visa and is now living in Atlanta.  She is following her dreams of delivering outstanding keynotes transforming individuals and organizations in the USA.

Having spoken and trained over 40,000 people, featured in Forbes, and Producer of the Amazon Prime Speak Up series, Elaine is a testament to following the Decide, Commit, Resolve Methodology 

Suzy Prudden

At 30, Suzy Prudden’s name was synonymous with Fitness.  Now, at 80, she leads in the publishing world.  Itty Bitty Publishing publishes small books that make a big difference. Books by experts that give the reader the 15 simple steps to learn what they need to know from experts in their fields. A leading entrepreneur, Suzy Prudden is, once again, a leader par none.

  She’s been a pioneer in Fitness (1965-1983), Body Mind Technology (1983-1992) and now publishing (2014-Current). Her innovative approach to publishing is changing the landscape of her industry.  An influencer for the past 50 years, she is, once again, on the cutting edge.

  Suzy says, “It breaks my heart to see all these fabulous authors not succeed.  My mission is to be the force beneath their wings to help them take their place in the forefront of their industries and build their businesses to epic proportions.  I’ve been doing just that for over 50 years. It’s time for me to share my wisdom.”

  In 2023, Itty Bitty Publishing is becoming one of the fastest growing companies in North America.  Suzy says, “This is my final business journey. This is my Legacy. I’m grabbing it by the horns and intend on making a huge difference for the people I work with. Soon we’ll be in airports!”

Brett D Scott

Brett D. Scott is an award-winning Metaphysical Mindset coach/mentor, bestselling author, TEDx Talk & keynote speaker who is known as The Success Alchemist; helping switched on people turn their bad habits and old behaviour into personal success and freedom.

Brett helps individuals discover aspects of themselves that are holding them back or not serving them by bringing out of their subconscious/unconscious mind the true root cause and then teach them the tools to change/swap for more productive programs.

For 43 years, Brett was simply accepting the outcomes, wanting to experience change, but always finding himself sabotaging his own success.

Before Brett started as a Coach, the late Bob Proctor himself told Brett that in the entire time he had been doing his work (53 years at that time), he had never met anyone more prepared to do similar quality of work than Brett.

Multiple clients have experienced incredible growth in their businesses with Brett’s help, one went on to reach top 3 in her network marketing group of 15,000+.

Brett was awarded an IBA Bronze Stevie for Company of the Year in September 2022 and in November he was awarded the gold trophy for Business Rebel of the Year by Roar Success.

Tjibaria Pijloo

Tjibaria is a Two Comma Club Award Winning International Speaker, Author of “The Freedom Lifestyle”, Serial Entrepreneur but most of all Empowerer. Her biggest mission is to transform people’s lives to create freedom, in all areas of their life.

She created the Freedom Lifestyle Movement with a vision to help business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to create freedom lifestyle and create more wealth by taking them through a step-by-step process (either done with you or done for you) to scale their business with systems and automation, and double your sales in 49 days, along with lifetime support and 1-1 attention like no other company in the world does.

After creating multiple 7 figure businesses of her own, she formed the most powerful team of heart centred entrepreneurs, with whom she developed the reputation for helping anyone, no matter your background, expertise, age, or income level, create wealth through empowerment.

The Freedom Lifestyle Creators company has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world: from multi-million-dollar businesses to people who want an exit plan from their corporate positions, to people never been in business and want to monetise their passion.

“I never thought that growing an automated business empire was as ‘easy’ as it turned out to be, and I want everyone to experience that. There is no reason anyone should struggle financially in life. We just need to be educated, supported & empowered the right way, to get results. That’s what our Freedom Lifestyle Movement is about.” – Tjibaria.

Ramon Peralta

Superheroes all have unique origin stories in the form of traumatic incidents that not only become the source of their superpowers and drive them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Born to immigrants, Ramon had no choice but to work at his father’s auto repair business from a very young age which kept him off the streets and helped him contribute. When his father exited from the business, Ramon realized how the lack of financial literacy had put him at a disadvantage. This experience would make a tremendous impact on his own passion for entrepreneurship many years later. 

Ramon served on the start-up team behind the initial launch of and while many saw financial gain during the dot com era, Ramon found himself part of a massive layoff during the Great Recession of 2008. 

It was during this difficult time that Ramon decided to use his severance package to start a business dedicated to helping others launch their brands and Peralta Design was born.

Today, having built an award-winning digital agency from the ground up, Ramon is a published author and TEDx speaker. He has been hired to speak by universities, banks, and business incubators about the power of branding. He also serves on various non-profit boards and in his free time speaks to at-risk youth, encouraging them to dream big. 

Ramon also enjoys serving as a business mentor to many small businesses through various accelerator programs and provides guidance even when they may not be able to afford the agency’s full suite of services. Ramon’s own brand story of overcoming adversity and using failure as a pathway to success inspires entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and students alike.  

James Thompson

James Thompson is a highly respected writer and author who contributes to Forbes Morocco, a leading business and finance publication based in Morocco. With over a decade of experience in the industry, James is known for his exceptional writing skills and his ability to deliver compelling stories that captivate readers.

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