Guillermo Zambrano – A Visionary Architect and Designer


Guillermo Zambrano, a visionary architect, and designer originally from Brazil but now based in the Middle East for over a decade, is a passionate individual with a creative eye that transcends borders.

Guillermo’s journey in the field of architecture has been marked by a commitment to making a positive impact in the world through innovative projects and designs.

In recent years, Guillermo has focused his talents on retail architecture, collaborating with major international brands to create stunning and functional spaces. However, his dedication to making a difference goes beyond the commercial realm. During a sabbatical fewyears ago, Guillermo embarked on a life-changing experience in Latin America, where he co-created the NOMAD JACKET, a garment designed to aid those who are homeless or facing the aftermath of natural disasters.

The NOMAD JACKET is no ordinary piece of clothing. Its transformative features make it a versatile survival tool. When all the zippers are closed, it transforms into a cosy sleeping bag, offering much-needed warmth and protection. If the zippers are opened, it becomes a blanket, providing comfort during milder conditions. Additionally, the jacket can be conveniently converted into a backpack, making it easy for users to carry it when not in use.

Driven by a desire to help those in need, Guillermo and a group of friends identified communities in dire situations and raised funds to produce 30 NOMAD JACKETS as a trial. These jackets were then distributed to individuals in the heart of Bogota, Colombia. Inspired by the impact of this initial endeavour, Guillermo aspires to expand the project’s reach and provide support to refugee and homeless communities across the Middle East, particularly those enduring harsh winters in countries like Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and North Africa. His vision for the NOMAD JACKET is not just to be a charitable initiative but also a self-sustainable and non-profit venture.

The NOMAD JACKET is just one of Guillermo’s innovative projects aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable populations. Another notable creation is the hope box, a baby carrier that ingeniously transforms into a baby crib, specifically designed for indigenous children of the Amazon jungle. The objective of this project is to tackle the heart-wrenching issue of infant mortality rates in the region. Many children, aged 0-3, share beds with their parents, leading to tragic cases of suffocation. The hope box seeks to provide a safer sleeping environment for these children, thereby reducing the risk of such incidents.

At the core of Guillermo’s philosophy lies a profound belief in the power of individual action to effect change, no matter one’s skill set. He firmly believes that each person possesses the capacity to alter the world or, even more significantly, someone’s world. It is this notion that Guillermo wishes to disseminate to the world – the idea that by addressing specific issues and offering targeted solutions, individuals can create a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Guillermo’s projects exemplify his commitment to addressing societal challenges with practical, innovative solutions. Rather than focusing solely on major global issues, he advocates for a more grassroots approach. By targeting punctual problems and implementing creative designs, Guillermo envisions a world where fairness, sustainability, and equality are not just lofty ideals but tangible realities.

As Guillermo continues his architectural pursuits and humanitarian endeavours, his hope is to inspire others to embrace their unique skills and talents, using them as tools to make the world a better place. By fostering a spirit of collaboration and empathy, Guillermo’s vision of a more just and equitable world can become a shared reality. Through collective efforts, people from all walks of life can contribute to positive change and create a brighter future for all.

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