Navigating the Crypto Realm: Thembi Shilenge on Lessons Learned and Her Business Icon, Warren Buffet

From her admiration for Warren Buffet to the intricacies of cryptocurrency investment, Thembi Shilenge illuminates the path to entrepreneurial success


Recognized as South Africa’s crypto queen, Thembi Portia Shilenge has been making waves in the crypto and real estate worlds. A recent live Instagram interaction on her page, @thembishilengee, offered her followers an intriguing insight into her business philosophy, inspirations, and experiences as a seasoned entrepreneur.

Shilenge cites the renowned American magnate and investor Warren Buffet as her business role model. As the CEO of Crypto Dimension Academy and regional CEO of CoinW Exchange, she values Buffet’s smart investment strategies and straightforward business principles, which have served as a guide in her own entrepreneurial journey.

“A smart investor like Warren Buffet has principles of business that are easy to follow,” she shared with her followers during the Instagram live.

While Shilenge is a trained chemical engineer, she has made her mark as a crypto influencer and real estate investor. She stands as an influential advocate for Bitcoin and maintains that trading in cryptocurrency is accessible to anyone. Reflecting on her own introduction to the crypto industry, she recalls, “I was introduced to cryptocurrency through network marketing. A former colleague of mine then introduced me to a platform where you can invest your money and receive returns in Bitcoin. That’s when I began accumulating Bitcoin and understanding its potential for securing financial freedom.”

Shilenge’s previous experience as a Bitcoin trader with Binance offers her unique insights into the dynamics of cryptocurrency investment. She acknowledges that while cryptocurrency represents a significant shift from the traditional financial system, it can seem daunting to many people, mainly when it comes to handling losses.

“All types of investments come with profits and losses. However, most people find it hard to deal with losses,” she observed.

From her wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, Shilenge has gleaned valuable lessons. She emphasizes the importance of continuous investment and patience throughout an asset’s performance journey.

“If you believe in a stock or investment, it’s vital to stay patient no matter its performance,” she advises. “Bitcoin, for instance, has crashed more than four times during my journey, but I’m still in significant profit because I understand that recovery is always around the corner.”

Thembi Shilenge’s journey offers an inspiring and pragmatic roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Her story, blending the wisdom of global business icons with her hands-on experience in the challenging crypto landscape, speaks to her resilience, savvy, and forward-thinking mindset. As she continues to chart her course, her perspective provides a beacon for those navigating the evolving world of cryptocurrency.

James Thompson

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