R3 Anti-Aging Opens a New Location in Beverly Hills


This July, stem cell company R3 Anti-Aging will be opening a new location in Beverly Hills, California. The first R3 clinic in California, this location will be addressing overall wellness and offering various treatments such as Biote hormones, testosterone injections, hyperbaric chambers, Botox and fillers, hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, joint injections, and IV infusions. R3’s other locations in the United States include Scottsdale, Arizona, and Nashville, Tennessee.

“So this is the first time we’re opening up our own location in California,” remarks R3 President Kathleen “Frankie” Francesca. “And I don’t want to limit what we do. But I will say this: we are definitely focusing on overall wellness.”

These treatments help to prevent aging on both an aesthetic and biological level. Aesthetically, treatments such as hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and Botox, can help those who want a younger appearance. For those who were hoping to feel younger as well, R3 also uses hyperbaric chambers to improve overall wellness, slow or reverse the aging process, and balance energy levels. In addition, treatments such as semaglutide can help with weight loss, and hormone therapies can aid with rebalancing hormone levels, which can affect factors such as energy and quality of sleep.

“The Biote hormone is one of the things that we’re doing for anti aging and IV infusion,” continues Frankie. “The older we get, the more issues we may experience with our health. Some people encounter hormone issues, and when you have a hormone imbalance, it can affect your weight, too. It affects your energy, your quality of sleep, your hair, wrinkles in your body; it can even affect your sexual health. These hormone imbalances really affect your aging process. This particular hormone helps to restore those proper balances.”

While these hormones are similar to those in traditional hormone therapy, they are also more chemically similar to hormones that the body naturally produces. Hormones are produced by the endocrine system, and they are responsible for various bodily functions relating to organs, muscles, blood sugar, inflammation, and chemical/fluid balances. R3’s hormone therapies work to help rejuvenate these different systems.

“In the future, we will also be doing a lot of regenerative aesthetic training in our Beverly Hills location,” continues Frankie.

R3 also provides hands-on, in-person medical training with 1-2 day classes to help medical providers familiarize themselves with new technologies and procedures in the regenerative health and aesthetics fields. By educating more people on these IRB-approved protocols for

injections and systemic treatments, R3 is doing its part to help increase accessibility and awareness for these various procedures. Frankie is looking forward to continuing these educational opportunities at the Beverly Hills location.

With the grand opening quickly approaching, R3 has plenty of other exciting announcements to make in the next few months. The company is eager to host exclusive regular social events and use the new location as an opportunity to spread the word about the benefits of regenerative and aesthetic procedures. Stay tuned for more updates about R3’s new locations, brand ambassadors, and projects!

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