Mohammed VI Tower Wins Prestigious Engineering Award, Reflects Morocco’s Architectural Excellence

Morocco's Architectural Marvel, the Mohammed VI Tower, Garners International Recognition for Engineering Excellence


Rabat – The Mohammed VI Tower, the highest tower currently under construction in Africa, has been honoured with the prestigious “Best Performance in Terms of Engineering Projects or Work Developed by a SME” award at the 15th Annual Caminos Madrid Awards 2022.

Hosted at the Matadero in Madrid, the award was presented to O Tower, a subsidiary of O Capital Group, and to Bernabeu Ingenieros, the engineering consultancy firm behind the tower’s innovative design. O Capital Group is led by Othman Benjelloun, the CEO of BMCE Bank of Africa.

The Caminos Madrid Awards, organized by the Madrid College of Civil Engineers, are a celebrated benchmark in the construction industry. The awards were instituted to acknowledge and appreciate the integral contributions of road, canal, and port engineers who are pivotal in propelling economic, social, and sustainable growth.

Expressing their gratitude for the award, Bernabeu Ingenieros stated, “This is a project that has been with us nearly from the beginning of our studio; a tower we have contributed to rise to become the tallest in Africa; and above all, a shared project that has generated enormous pride in the city of Rabat and throughout Morocco.”

Adding to this, the company said, “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Caminos Madrid for this award, which we have received with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.”

Maria Dolores Esteban, the dean of Caminos Madrid, congratulated the award-winning professionals, companies, and institutions for their work that contributes significantly to improving the quality of life. Esteban also highlighted the important and urgent challenges faced by society such as climate change adaptation, sustainable urban mobility infrastructure, hydrological planning, and the development of a circular economy.

The Mohammed VI Tower, located alongside the Bouregreg River in Sale, stands at a staggering 250 meters, designed to be visible from a 50-kilometer radius in all directions. With a total area of 102,800 square meters, this magnificent edifice consists of a tower set on a podium, expected to be the tallest building in Africa upon completion.

Earlier this year, Time Magazine featured Rabat in its “World’s Greatest Places” list, applauding the city’s allure for art and culture enthusiasts. The Mohammed VI Tower received specific mention, celebrated for its LEED-Gold and HQE certifications, luxurious accommodations, and a panoramic viewing terrace towering over 240 meters high.

The recent recognition garnered by the Mohammed VI Tower affirms Morocco’s emerging prominence as a global hub for architectural innovation and excellence. This award-winning project symbolizes not just the country’s architectural prowess, but also its commitment to sustainable development and climate resilience. As the tower continues to rise, it stands testament to the possibilities of engineering brilliance and Morocco’s dedication to progress.

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