Sobriety and Success: How Becoming Sober and Understanding Adult ADHD Led Mayra Dias Gomes to Success


Brazilian native Mayra Dias Gomes became a bestselling author when she was just 16 years old, publishing a renowned memoir, that detailed her struggles with depression, drug addiction, and co-dependency, following the tragic loss of her father, Alfredo Dias Gomes. The Brazilian Oscar nominated writer and soap opera legend, one of the biggest names in the telenovela genre and a Palm D’Or winner in Cannes, died in a taxi accident after leaving his home to go to a dinner and a play with his wife, actress Bernadeth Lyzio. Tragically, Mayra, who was eleven at the time, found out through an Internet article that her father had died. This was the catalyst of many emotional problems that would follow and plague her for years. 

The young, ambitious writer moved to Hollywood on her own when she was 21 years old. She worked as a writer for a list of well-known magazines and TV networks such as Rolling Stone, Glamour, VH1 and MTV, while continuing to deal with her psychological issues and addictions throughout her life. She finally become sober two years and a half ago. 

“I started drinking at a really young age to escape dealing with emotional pain and rejection. Despite being a functioning alcoholic, publishing books and writing for magazines, I continued to live my life stuck in the trauma of the loss of my father. While I would mostly appear happy to the outside world while living a glamorous life, I was suffering from alcoholism, debilitating panic attacks and co-dependency issues. Essentially, I was dependent on a male figure to make me feel worthy, and I hindered my own professional growth by spending the majority of my time looking for ways to feel this validation.” 

Mayra says the pandemic lockdowns worsened her panic attacks and made her hit rock bottom. With her therapist and a psychiatrist on board, she embarked on a new journey to quit drinking alcohol with the help of prescription acamprosate, also known as Campral. The medication works by restoring the natural balance of chemicals in the brain and reducing the desire to drink alcohol. 

“After I quit drinking, I was finally able to deal with all the trauma I had been stuck with my whole life. I started maturing and focusing more on my professional career. Most importantly, I was finally properly diagnosed with ADHD and understood how much it impacted my entire life. Adult ADHD is highly misunderstood and often seen as just lack of attention, but in reality it is so much more; it’s impulsivity, rejection sensitivity, and a constant search for dopamine for the brain. This is what I had struggled with since I was a child. My brain is dopamine deficient and chemically wired to seek it daily, so it’s a constant struggle trying to steer away from it in things that provide dopamine, but aren’t good for me.” 

Mayra has been highly successful since quitting drugs and alcohol and becoming aware of her ADHD. She is now a sobriety and mental health advocate, an international cover model, and a professional wrestling on air personality on the NWA, the oldest wrestling company in the world. She is writing her next novel, to be published in the US. 

“I decided to pursue pro wrestling in a moment of extreme lack of dopamine. Surely, it was my brain looking for ways to feel okay again. I moved to Las Vegas to go to wrestling school and was discovered by Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan, who brought me into the NWA. I also became an international model on the covers of Playboy magazine and FHM and I’m finally writing my next novel. If there is one thing I know, it is that becoming sober will definitely increase your chances at success. Combine that with regular physical activicty and you have a winning formula.”

Mayra Dias Gomes has been using her platform to raise awareness and help those suffering from the disease of addiction. On June 30th, she will be a speaker at boxer and mental health advocate Mia St. John’s Annual Fundraiser in Los Angeles. She will also be speaking about addiction to Latina students in South Central, LA this fall.

“My goal is to use my story and my experiences to help motivate and inspire those who are struggling with ADHD and addiction. It’s possible to change your life around and to become the best version of yourself. It’s possible to start something completely new at any age and succeed.” 

Daniel Parker


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