Introducing Hypnoga®: The World’s Latest Great Fitness and Wellness Movement

Hypnoga Founder Heidi Stenschke
Hypnoga Founder Heidi Stenschke

A brand-new mindfulness movement is on the horizon. 

Founded by Heidi Stenschke, Hypnoga® combines the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy with the practice of yoga. It is revolutionising the lives of those ready to make change or embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Heidi’s vision for Hypnoga® came after years of prioritising her development. But her life wasn’t always on the entrepreneurial path:

“I come from an area where low income and high unemployment were rife. I used to engage in a lot of self-sabotaging behaviour – I was expelled from school, taking illegal substances, fired from my job…the list goes on. Finally, I chose to quit and create a different life than the one I was living.” 

Heidi went on to finish high school by attending night classes and then spent many years in a thriving career within the trade union movement, including the senior role as Assistant State Secretary for the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, NSW. An opportunity even arose for her to study at Harvard – talk about a complete turnaround!

Heidi’s Hypnoga® journey began during the pandemic when she studied both NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis. As she continued to search for answers about herself, she started looking inwards. It was here that she found yoga – and she loved it so much that she has since completed over  350 hours Yoga teacher training:

“Yoga is so much more than movement – it helps us to understand ourselves at the deepest levels. I knew that this could be combined with deep work on our thought patterns and behaviours, and incredibly profound breakthroughs and change could take place.”

And this was her lightbulb moment: why not combine the principles of Hypnosis and the practice of Yoga for a fully holistic approach to the mind, body, and soul?

And so, in June 2022, Hypnoga Pty Ltd was born. 

By engaging the body, increasing circulation, then allowing the body to rest, the mind is more receptive to the benefits of hypnosis: 

“It’s a beautiful union. The hypnosis side provides powerful suggestions to the unconscious mind, and yoga provides physical grounding and guidance at a spiritual level. This combination in a state of trance is what influences change at a core level.”

Hypnoga® is centred around the Chakras – core energy centres in the body. Heidi has even collaborated with a composer to create specific music to support activation of each of the Chakras individually through resonance:

“Music unconsciously connects with the bodies frequency and influences our awareness. It’s physical.  This physical resonance coupled with alignment in our thinking can be life changing. It’s almost like a birthing of you. 

Heidi started by renting spaces but now has a dedicated studio in Sydney. With classes limited to 7 people per session, each participant has a truly personal experience. 

Heidi also started Hypnoga® for deeply personal reasons. Her mother was diagnosed with dementia. Alongside her mother’s declining health, the diagnosis had a profound impact on her father, so she knew she wanted to keep her family at home. 

“My family are my greatest priority and responsibility. Starting Hypnoga allowed me not only to pursue my passion but to find the balance I need to prioritise caring for my parents. It has helped me grow in patience and compassion in even the hardest of times.”

After such a successful first year, Heid has big dreams to take the Hypnoga® movement global. In late 2023 into early 2024, she plans to open up conversations with yoga teachers around the world, to offer them the opportunity to become licensed Hypnoga® instructors:

“I want Hypnoga to become a household name like Pilates and CrossFit. This is why I will start to reach out to practitioners who want to empower their students – so we can create a worldwide movement.”

Through international retreats and intense training, Heidi will help interested parties to master the NLP and Hypnosis side of the practice, so they can walk away fully qualified and ready to offer the life-changing benefits of Hypnoga® to their students. 

One year into the Hypnoga®  journey, it is safe to say that Heidi has never looked back, and she can’t wait for many more successful years of transforming the lives of students and fellow teachers alike.

“I truly believe this is what I’m meant to do. I am a living example that you can change path and defy all of the odds – you get to decide what your future holds. The practice of Hypnoga will help you to change at a fundamental level and progress in ways you never thought possible before.”

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