1. Build your credibility.

Are you an expert in your field or are you an expert on the topic you have an idea about ? If the answer is yes. Ask yourself this. Are you perceived by others as being an expert too ?

You must build your credibility and the online space is the best place to do this. You have a global audience online including social media. Write articles on LinkedIn and in the press , be a guest on podcasts, blog post, apply for award, strategic social media content and even speak at other events.

Build your credibility.

2. Network correctly

Knowing the right people can make all the difference. This is critical and remember proximity is power. You need to be building relationships with the right people in the right areas. You need to be building relationships with TEDx enthusiasts and organisers. Add value for them .This isn’t just about what they can do for you . Ask yourself the question what can I do for them ? Think serving mentality. Adding value will take you closer to the red dot.

3. Know your stuff

Right this is another crucial point. Know your stuff. Be a student of ‘TED’ immerse yourself in the platform and know what a TEDx Talk is and what it isn’t. The amount of times I have been pitched ‘ a motivational talk or a talk that is obviously ‘ bad science ‘ or something recommending ‘health advice ‘ all things that make TED nervous. Know what a TEDx Talk is and have a clear, concise idea , what you can describe clearly and one that the listener understands clearly. Your idea doesn’t have to be a new one but should have your unique perspective.

Know your stuff

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