Justin Haynes: Redefining Fashion with Jus10H and Making History


In the dynamic world of fashion, there are few individuals who truly stand out and leave an indelible mark. One such luminary is Justin Haynes, the visionary founder of Jus10H. With his boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence, Haynes has revolutionized the global fashion scene and become a true icon in the industry.

From his humble beginnings, Haynes has continuously pushed boundaries and shattered expectations. One of his earliest groundbreaking achievements was holding a casting call at the Enfield Square Mall in Enfield, Connecticut, a move that had never been done before in the fashion world. This bold step not only showcased Haynes’ innovative thinking but also paved the way for aspiring models and designers from unexpected places to enter the spotlight.

Building on this success, Haynes went on to achieve numerous firsts in the fashion industry. He became the first designer to showcase his designs at the prestigious Springfield City Hall, a historic venue that had never seen a fashion event of such grandeur. Moreover, Haynes proudly represented his hometown by being the first from the Springfield area to showcase at renowned fashion weeks worldwide, including Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, and Aspara Fashion Week in Asia.

The Jus10H brand, meticulously crafted by Haynes, has graced the likes of Briana Roy from Disney’s hit show “Raven’s Home” and other prominent Disney Channel stars. With a firm belief in “Bringing Fashion to Your Everyday Life,” Haynes infuses each garment and fashion show with a piece of his heart, allowing customers, fashion enthusiasts, and onlookers to experience the transformative power of fashion firsthand.

Haynes’ relentless passion and tireless dedication have not gone unnoticed. He has garnered numerous accolades and recognition throughout his career. Haynes has dressed A-list clientele for prestigious events like the Oscars, solidifying his position as a trusted and sought-after designer. He has also received esteemed awards, including the “Natural Born Artist Award” for three consecutive years (2018, 2019, 2020), the coveted title of “Best Women’s Ready To Wear Designer” in 2019, and the Fashion and Lifestyle Award from the esteemed Black Business Association in the same year. His unique talent and exceptional designs have been featured in over 27 prominent magazine publications, with renowned names like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar showcasing his work. Additionally, Haynes’ remarkable achievements extend beyond the realm of fashion, as he has been recognized as the Top Business Leader of 2020 by Yahoo Finance, the Top Entrepreneur of 2020 by USA Today, and hailed as a Lifestyle Fashion Icon by Google News.

On May 19th, Haynes is set to make history once again at The Springfield Museums Quadrangle with a live Fashion Exhibit, becoming the first fashion designer to have his work displayed for viewers everywhere. The event promises to be a captivating experience, highlighting Haynes’ unique artistic vision and groundbreaking contributions to the fashion world. There is even speculation about the possibility of a small Fashion Gallery in the museum, but when asked about it, Haynes humbly replied, “It’s a wonderful idea, and it’s definitely up to The Springfield Museums. I’m just honored to have a live exhibit and fashion presentation, and to be the first is a great accomplishment in itself.”

The evening will commence with a cocktail reception at 6pm, followed by the highly anticipated Show/Presentation at 7pm. For those eager to learn more about this momentous event, additional information can be found on the official website of the Springfield Museums at springfieldmuseums.org

As Justin Haynes continues to make waves in the fashion industry, his influence has now expanded to the digital realm. With his Instagram account, @theofficialjus10h, verified and boasting a staggering 250k+ followers, Haynes has built a vibrant online community that embraces his unique aesthetic and celebrates his creative endeavors. Followers can stay updated on the latest collections, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive insights into Haynes’ artistic process, further cementing his status as a fashion icon with a global reach.

The official Jus10H website, https://Jus10h.com, serves as a virtual gateway to Haynes’ captivating world of fashion. Visitors can explore his diverse portfolio, discovering the classic basics of black, white, and khaki, complemented by the iconic denim jacket that adds a touch of timeless style. The Onyx capsule collection for women offers versatile pieces that can be effortlessly transformed into various looks, empowering the everyday woman to express her individuality through fashion. From khaki chinos to knit tops and cotton knit dresses, each design exudes a cool, clean, and luxurious aesthetic perfect for the summer season and beyond.

With his upcoming live Fashion Exhibit at The Springfield Museums Quadrangle, Haynes once again breaks new ground as the first fashion designer to be displayed in such a prestigious venue. This momentous event not only showcases Haynes’ remarkable talent but also elevates the status of fashion as an art form worthy of recognition and appreciation within the museum’s walls. It is a testament to his visionary approach and the impact he has had on the industry.

As Justin Haynes continues to leave his mark on the fashion landscape, his commitment to promoting fashion awareness remains unwavering. His ability to seamlessly blend innovation, craftsmanship, and a touch of his own personal flair has garnered him widespread acclaim and admiration. Through Jus10H, he has created a platform that transcends mere clothing and becomes a medium for self-expression and empowerment.

With each design, Justin Haynes invites us to embrace fashion as a transformative force that can enrich our everyday lives. His live Fashion Exhibit at The Springfield Museums Quadrangle will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience, further solidifying his legacy as a true trailblazer in the world of fashion.

So mark your calendars for May 19th and join Justin Haynes on this historic occasion. Witness firsthand the fusion of art and fashion as he unveils his captivating creations in a setting that celebrates his talent and innovation. Justin Haynes and Jus10H are redefining the boundaries of fashion, and their impact will continue to resonate globally for years to come.

For more information and to stay connected with Justin Haynes and Jus10H, visit his official website at https://Jus10h.com and follow him on Instagram @theofficialjus10h. Let’s embrace the extraordinary journey of this fashion icon as he continues to make history, one stitch at a time.


ONYX by Justin Haynes
Photographer : Chucky Crespo
Project Assistant: Alexandra Lali Gomez
Hairstylist: Vanessa Hall – Beaute’ Within
MUA: Talysa Perez
Model: Vanessa Marie Carlson

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