The Lessons We Learn When We Lose a Parent

The Lessons We Learn When We Lose a Parent

We should all be living our best lives and focusing on a feeling of goodwill or having a sense of meaning, but when we lose someone close to us, such as a parent, we can feel overwhelmed with grief, but there are also so many other lessons that losing a parent teaches us.

It is Now Time to Step Up to the Plate

Those that lose their parents can talk about how they were best friends can undoubtedly feel an overwhelming sense of grief, especially if it’s that mother-daughter relationship, and the mother was able to provide help whenever it was needed, and all of a sudden they’re all gone, and now you are the one that has to not just deal with the life admin side of things like the cremation, but it’s also the fact that now you’ve got to step up and be that person that you always admired. 

When we have someone there holding us up, it gives us that sense of reassurance, but once they’ve gone, the toughest thing is that now you’ve got to do all this stuff by yourself. But you end up becoming more resilient than ever because you don’t just have to deal with the grief side of things, but you’ve also got to now be that fierce independent person that will not just make you tougher and more resourceful, but it will make them proud.

Your Grief is Your Own

People will tell you they understand what you’re going through. The fact is that when you lose a parent, you’ve got that bond that is now severed, and losing a parent means that they will miss every key moment from your life from now on, whether it’s your wedding day or you giving them a grandchild. Your grief is going to be your own, and you can carry it for as long as you need to. 

Many people think that there should be a time limit to grief, but when you lose a parent, there is no such thing. They will always be there with you, and this means that your grief is going to potentially come back in some ways. In many ways, it’s something that we never get over. Losing a parent brings about a unique type of grief, and while people will tell you that they know what you’re going through because they lost their parents too, the fact is that you are entitled to experience whatever sensations you have, and that is fine.

You Will Figure Out Who Really is There for You

One of the toughest things about grieving or losing anybody is that you soon figure out who’s there for you. Sometimes we can go through an experience like this and be surprised as to who are fairweather friends who actually don’t care in the slightest now. 

It’s not their fault, and it’s not yours, but you should use this opportunity to let those people walk away from you if that’s how they feel. They aren’t good enough to stay there and support you.

You will carry this around with you for the rest of your life, but there are so many lessons you will gain from it.


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