McDonald’s South Africa and Forbes Woman Africa Partner to Empower Women and Drive Diversity and Inclusion


McDonald’s South Africa has partnered with Forbes Woman Africa to promote women’s empowerment and diversity and inclusion. As a headline sponsor of the Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit, McDonald’s South Africa has demonstrated its commitment to bridging the gender gap and supporting female leaders.

The partnership between McDonald’s South Africa and Forbes Woman Africa is founded on a shared belief in the power of women to drive positive change in society. The two organizations are pioneers in their respective fields and are united in their dedication to creating opportunities for women to succeed and realize their full potential.

Daniel Padiachy, Executive: Supply Chain, Marketing and Technology at McDonald’s South Africa, says, “The partnership between McDonald’s SA and the Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit is one that speaks to synergy and the beliefs that both organizations hold when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, as well as women empowerment.”

Through its Women Leadership Network, McDonald’s South Africa provides a platform for subject matter experts to share knowledge and inspire change. The network also celebrates the achievements of women by featuring conversations with influential female leaders. Since its launch in 2021, the initiative has reached thousands of women across the country.

McDonald’s South Africa is committed to driving meaningful progress towards gender equality and inclusion. As a big business, the company believes that it has a responsibility to engage with women from all walks of life and provide equal opportunities for their voices to be heard.

The partnership with Forbes Woman Africa is an opportunity for McDonald’s South Africa to promote women’s empowerment and encourage the next generation of female leaders. The company believes that by providing opportunities for women to succeed, it can help to alter the power dynamic and create a brighter future for communities across South Africa.

The McDonald’s South Africa and Forbes Woman Africa partnership is a powerful example of what can be achieved when organizations come together to drive positive change. By working together, they hope to inspire other businesses to take action and support women’s empowerment and diversity and inclusion.

James Thompson

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